About us

We are reimagining the tools used to manage remote access to servers, containers and clusters in the cloud. Our next-generation zero-trust security model eliminates single points of compromise that are created by traditional remote-access tools.  Our architecture simplifies remote access by immutably logging user actions and eliminating the need to manage self-hosted jumphosts, SSH keys
and VPNs.

BastionZero was founded by a cybersecurity professor and cybersecurity PhD out of Boston University and is backed by VCs including Underscore and Slow Ventures.

Company Leadership

Prof. Sharon Goldberg

CEO & Co-Founder
Sharon is a tenured professor in the computer science department at Boston University. She has authored over 30 technical peer-reviewed research papers in network and infrastructure security and cryptography and she has contributed to technical standards for cryptography, BGP, DNS, RPKI and NTP. Her research has been awarded two IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prizes and a Sloan Research Fellowship.

Ethan Heilmann

CTO & Co-Founder
Ethan has over a decade of software engineering experience at various startups and is Ph.D candidate Boston University. He’s a contributor to many open source projects, including Bitcoin, and he has authored over 8 papers, including one that eliminated a candidate from the SHA3 cryptographic hash function competition. He was nominated for a Pwnie for Best Cryptographic Attack in 2018.

Mike Milano

Chief Product Officer
Mike brings 25+ years of executive and technical leadership experience in the networking and cloud security industry. Most recently, Mike was SVP of Product and Engineering at iboss, where he partnered with Fortune 500 companies deploying solutions for the Secure Access Services Edge. Prior to iboss Mike spent 20+ years at Cisco systems in engineering leadership positions, including as CTO of Cisco Small Business.



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