BastionZero is the Runner Up for the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest

We're honored to place Second in the 2022 RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest!

For 17 years, cybersecurity's boldest new innovators have competed in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest to put the spotlight on their potentially game-changing ideas. Come witness the Top 10 finalists grab the spotlight for a three-minute pitch while demonstrating groundbreaking security technologies to the broader RSA Conference community. Since the start of the contest, the top 10 finalists have collectively seen over 69 acquisitions and received $9.8 billion in investments.

Watch our talk below!

Learn More About BastionZero

Remote access to infrastructure, all in one cloud service

All your targets in one place

A single system for access all of your targets (servers, containers, clusters, databases, webservers) so you don’t have to manage an ever-growing set of systems.


Provide zero-trust access to your targets by putting them behind your SSO and adding an independent MFA.

Passwordless access

Stop managing passwords. Use policy to control which users can log into which target under which role or user account.

Identity-aware logging

Capture the specific commands that a user ran on a target under a role or account via BastionZero’s access logs, command logs and session recordings.

No open ports or VPNs

Targets use TLS to phone home to BastionZero, so that BastionZero can autodiscover them, even if they are invisible to the internet.

A secure cloud service

Our unique multi-root security model means that you can safely move your infrastructure access function to a cloud service. No more proxies, bastions or CAs.