February 10, 2023

5 Reasons to Rethink Your Secure Remote Access Strategy


A person types at a computer, symbolizing secure remote access protocol concerns.

If you're like most organizations, you've been focused on perimeter-based network activity within your office or corporate network. But with the rapid adoption of remote work paradigms and third-party vendors, that's all changed. And chances are, your IT and security policies haven't kept up. It's time to rethink your secure remote access protocol — here's why:

5 Red Flags for Your Secure Remote Access Protocol

1. You're Overspending on Point Solutions.

When it comes to remote access, most organizations are using a patchwork of point solutions like VPNs, firewalls, and web proxies. Not only is this approach costly, it's also complex and cumbersome to manage.

2. You're at Risk of Over-Privileged Users.

With so many different tools in play, it's hard to keep track of who has access to what — which means you could be giving too much access to users who don't need it. This creates a serious security risk and can lead to data breaches.

3. You're Making it Difficult for Users to Get the Resources They Need.

Your users just want to be able to do their jobs — but your current supposedly secure remote access protocol is probably getting in their way. If users can't easily get the resources they need, they'll find their own way around — often using insecure methods. 

4. You're Not Prepared for the Future of Work.

Many people are returning to traditional offices after years of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but hybrid work is here to stay — and organizations need to be prepared for this new reality. That means having a remote access solution that is simple to deploy, easy to use, and secure.

5. You're Missing Out on Important Features and Functionality.

VPNs may have been adequate in the past, but they simply can't keep up with the demands of today's modern workforce. And as more and more organizations move to the cloud, even best-in-class VPNs are becoming less effective.

It's time for a new approach to remote access — one that is simple, secure, and affordable. BastionZero helps you break free from the complexity associated with remote access through a cloud-native experience that is easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

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5 Reasons to Rethink Your Secure Remote Access Strategy

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BastionZero connects teams to resources and requires no additional infrastructure to deploy or manage. It is the first—and only—cloud-native solution for trustless access providing multi-root authentication while maintaining zero entitlements to your systems.

With BastionZero, you can reclaim your architecture from over-privileged third parties and ensure that the right people have access to the right resources at just the right time—every time.

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