June 28, 2023

Embrace Multicloud with BastionZero

Devin Bernosky

VP, Solutions Engineering & Customer Success

A cloudy sky represents multicloud access management

In today's dynamic world of cloud computing, businesses are no longer confining themselves to a single cloud provider. Instead, many are turning to multicloud strategies, which involve deploying services across multiple cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This approach capitalizes on the unique strengths and features of different cloud providers, offering greater flexibility, optimizing costs and reducing the risk of vendor lock-in.

However, while the benefits of a multicloud strategy are compelling, they do not come without their challenges. Among the most significant of these is the complexity of secure multicloud access management across these diverse platforms. Every cloud provider has a unique set of access controls, security protocols and identity and access management (IAM) systems. These tools and protocols are designed to help secure data and control who can access various resources within the cloud provider's environment.

While both AWS IAM and GCP Cloud IAM provide robust access control mechanisms, they operate differently and are not interoperable. This means that managing access across both platforms would require operating and understanding two different systems, increasing complexity. It also means that your access policies and controls may not be consistent across different platforms, which can potentially lead to security vulnerabilities.

Moreover, these systems are typically designed to control access within their respective cloud environments. In a multicloud scenario, where you might have some services on AWS and others on GCP, you would need a solution that can seamlessly manage access across both these environments.

BastionZero's Approach to Multicloud Access Management

This is where a tool like BastionZero becomes particularly useful. As a cloud-agnostic platform, BastionZero can uniformly manage access across different cloud environments, providing a consistent set of access controls and reducing complexity. It provides several key benefits:

  1. Simplicity: Instead of grappling with multiple IAM systems, organizations can use BastionZero's single platform to manage access across all cloud environments. This reduces the complexity of managing and understanding multiple IAM systems.
  2. Consistency: BastionZero provides a consistent set of access controls across all environments. This ensures that access policies are uniform, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities arising from inconsistent policies.
  3. Reduced Administrative Burden: By providing a single point of control, BastionZero greatly reduces the administrative burden of multicloud access management. There's no need to toggle between different IAM systems or worry about synchronizing access policies across them.
  4. Lower Risk of Misconfiguration: Misconfiguration is a leading cause of security incidents in the cloud. By using a single, consistent system, the risk of misconfiguration – and therefore security vulnerabilities – is reduced.
  5. Consolidated Logging: Maintaining visibility into user activities across multiple clouds is a significant challenge in a multicloud environment. BastionZero addresses this by providing comprehensive logging and session recording across all clouds. Whether a user accesses AWS RDS instances or modifies data in GCP's BigQuery, BastionZero logs it all, creating a central repository for auditing, troubleshooting and security monitoring purposes.
  6. Secure Access Without Provider-Specific Logins: Imagine not having to create an AWS account for every developer on your team. With BastionZero, there's no need to create cloud provider-specific accounts for each user, minimizing the attack surface. This approach not only simplifies user management but also enhances security by reducing the number of credentials that could potentially be compromised. Whether it's AWS, GCP, or any other cloud platform, your team can securely access the necessary resources without having a direct login to the cloud provider.

In conclusion, BastionZero presents a new paradigm in multicloud access management. Its zero trust model, unified system, consolidated logging, SSO integration, flexible deployment and secure access make it an ideal solution for businesses navigating the complexities of a multicloud environment.

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Embrace Multicloud with BastionZero

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