June 14, 2022

Women in Cybersecurity - Interview with Sharon Goldberg of BastionZero

Sharon Goldberg, PhD.

CEO of BastionZero

A microphone in a recording studio, symbolizing Sharon Goldberg's discussion about women in cybersecurity.

A few weeks ago, our CEO, Sharon Goldberg, had the pleasure of speaking with Melinda Marks on ESG’s Women in Cybersecurity Podcast. They talked about being women in cybersecurity, the struggles & challenges of breaking into cybersecurity, & advice and resources for women in technology.

Getting into Cybersecurity

Sharon wasn’t initially in the cybersecurity space. She started her career as a telecom engineer at a power company but became bored after a few months. Seeking a career switch, Sharon went to Princeton to get her Ph.D. and was put on a team working with lasers to encrypt communications. Having no experience in computer science, she picked up a course in cryptography. 

She began looking for a way to use cryptography to merge her network security and infrastructure security interests. She became a professor at Boston University — where she eventually received tenure — but decided to take a break and became the CEO and co-founder of BastionZero.  

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Women in Cybersecurity - Interview with Sharon Goldberg of BastionZero

Struggles and Challenges

When Sharon got into cybersecurity, there weren’t many women. There were times when it was difficult, but Sharon endured it. People sometimes underestimated her, and she sought to prove them wrong. Eventually, she found a strong group of people to confide in, who supported and helped her grow.

Advice and Resources for Women in Tech

As far as advice for women in tech goes, Sharon recommends creating a network of supportive people and eliminating any feelings of fear and inadequacy for those trying to break into the space.

“Make sure that you have a strong group of people—both men and women around you—who will support you and help you grow.”

She also suggests following what’s happening in security on Twitter since the industry moves fast.

Interested in hearing more? Listen to the full episode here:

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