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BastionZero is an easy-to-configure cloud service that securely allows you grant least-privilege human access to servers, containers, clusters, applications and DBs. We help you eliminate the risk and nuisance of maintaining a homegrown or third-party access solution, without compromising on security.

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3 users
10 remote servers
2 databases
Unlimited k8s clusters
7 day log retention
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Access granted. Policies enforced. Connections logged. Effort reduced.

BastionZero is a cloud service that deploys in seconds, autodiscovers your targets, and automatically integrates with your IdP. You write policies to decide who can access what role on a target. The service logs who ran what command as what role on what target. And you’ll never need to manage another jumpbox, VPN or login credential.

"BastionZero is a lot easier than what we are doing now, so this is the best step forward for us."

Senior Cloud Security Engineer

"When we grew, we could no longer manage access to infrastructure ad hoc. We ended up in positions where people didn't have access and we didn't want to give them access. Everything around BastionZero is just better than a homegrown solution, like managing access when someone leaves the company.”

Principal Engineer, Blue J Legal

"All these things that our biggest customers really want to hear that we get asked all the time, BastionZero plays a big part in that, in terms of showing evidence that the right people have access."

Head of Information Security