We are thrilled to announce that BastionZero is now a part of Cloudflare!
Results are out: BastionZero is the runner-up for the RSAC Innovation Sandbox!

Simple passwordless access to kubernetes, server, web, and database infrastructure.

BastionZero delivers zero trust access without creating a single point of compromise. It pairs with your IdP to quickly grant access with policy controls and observability — without a mess of passwords, VPNs, and SSH keys.

Single cloud service. Double verification. And zero trust.

Zero Trust Cloud Service

Works with your IdP, adds an independent MFA, and unifies access via centralized policy for servers, containers, clusters, databases and webservers across multiple clouds and on prem environments.

Single-Click Passwordless Authentication

Deploy in seconds and give teams simple and secure remote access that follows your security policies by user, role, and targets — without managing a mess of passwords, SSH keys or credentials.

Continuous Validation

Security posture is not static. BastionZero’s policy system continuously evaluates your authorization controls and provides instant revocation whenever your user or application environments change.

Real-Time Visibility into User Activity

Identity-aware logging captures the specific commands that a user runs on a target for auditing and compliance.

Enterprise VPN Alternative

Simplify infrastructure access without managing VPNs, open ports, bastion hosts, IAM roles, or proxies — all while improving your security posture and autodiscovering your targets.

No SSH Key Management

Simplify credential management and eliminate the hassle of provisioning, decommissioning, and rotating SSH keys and other credentials.

Trust no one. Not even us.

Don’t trust BastionZero (or anyone else) with privileged access to your targets. Our unique zero trust architecture delivers simple least-privileged access to infrastructure and reduces your attack surface by removing single points of compromise.

Loved by engineering and trusted by security

"All these things that our biggest customers really want to hear that we get asked all the time, BastionZero plays a big part in that, in terms of showing evidence that the right people have access."

Head of Information Security, Appcues

"When we grew, we could no longer manage access to infrastructure ad hoc. We ended up in positions where people didn't have access and we didn't want to give them access. Everything around BastionZero is just better than a homegrown solution, like managing access when someone leaves the company.”

Principal Engineer, Blue J Legal

"BastionZero is a lot easier than what we are doing now, so this is the best step forward for us."

Senior Cloud Security Engineer, Paidy

"All these things that our biggest customers really want to hear that we get asked all the time, BastionZero plays a big part in that, in terms of showing evidence that the right people have access."

Head of Information Security, Appcues

How we're different

More than a VPN

Log into targets, not networks

Using a perimeter VPN to protect your assets is like distributing keys to office buildings but not to the individual targets in those buildings. With BastionZero, your engineers authenticate directly to each target. You can restrict lateral movement, while getting fine-grained control of exactly which role each engineer can access on each target.

Limit operational overhead

Rely on our always-on cloud service

BastionZero is a cloud service, so you don’t need to operate and maintain self-hosted bastion hosts, SSH certificate authorities, VPNs, password managers or jumphosts.

Want proof? Check our status page.

Reduce your attack surface

Remove single points of compromise

Unlike other solutions in the market, you don’t need to trust our service with privileged access to your targets. Our unique multi-root trustless security model that enables you to safely move your infrastructure access function to a cloud service, without worrying that a compromise of our cloud service would lead to a compromise of your infrastructure.

A delightful experience

Preserve your engineering workflows

With our CLI or webapp, you can access all your infrastructure, across any cloud, with a single click. We also support all of your legacy workflows—access your Kubernetes cluster natively via kubectl, Lens and k9s, or use your old SSH workflows or database clients.


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