Infrastructure access as a service

Cloud based. Easy to configure and manage. And built on a unique zero-trust security model that eliminates single points of compromise. Remote access to all of your infrastructure in all of your cloud and on-prem environments.

Access granted. Policies enforced. Connections logged. Work removed.

BastionZero is a cloud service that deploys in seconds, autodiscovers your targets, and automatically integrates with your IdP. You write policies to decide which targets someone can access and under which roles. The service logs each command, who ran it, as which role, and on which target. And you’ll never need to manage another jumpbox, VPN or login credential.

"All these things that our biggest customers really want to hear that we get asked all the time, BastionZero plays a big part in that, in terms of showing evidence that the right people have access."

Head of Information Security, Appcues

"When we grew, we could no longer manage access to infrastructure ad hoc. We ended up in positions where people didn't have access and we didn't want to give them access. Everything around BastionZero is just better than a homegrown solution, like managing access when someone leaves the company.”

Principal Engineer, Blue J Legal

"BastionZero is a lot easier than what we are doing now, so this is the best step forward for us."

Senior Cloud Security Engineer, Paidy

BastionZero QuickStart: Deploy in seconds

Install the zli
The zli pulls a list of your targets from your existing SSH config
Authenticate to your IdP
This automatically creates your BastionZero account.
Autodiscover your targets
The zli deploys the bz-agent to your targets, which then phone home to the BastionZero service.
Add the BastionZero charts repository to helm
Install bctl-agent chart
Autodiscover the cluster!
The bz-container phones home to our cloud service. Users can connect to the cluster via kubectl or our zli!
Add to our repo to helm
This configures a open-source bz-container on your cluster
Set up SSH config on your local machine
Start the tunnel
Access with your favorite database client
Set up local port forwarding on your machine
Start an SSH tunnel to your DB
Access without changing your existing DB workflow

Automate everything

BastionZero is a cloud service designed for modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) environments. It automatically integrates with your IdP, autodiscovers your targets, and easily ties into your CI/CD pipeline.

Access anything

Want to access your kubernetes cluster via Lens and k9s natively? No problem. Want to use your flakey old SSH workflow or database client? We can live with it. Or just use our CLI or webapp to access all your infrastructure, across any cloud, with a single click.

An elegant and secure SaaS solution

The BastionZero team is a collection of cryptographers and infrastructure experts, and we’ve developed a security model that enables you to safely move your infrastructure access function to a cloud service. We use cryptography to offer a cloud service for remote access, without asking you to trust our service with privileged access to your targets.

Multiple roots of trust

Time to reduce your attack surface. Control of your targets is split between your IdP and BastionZero. That means that no one can access your infrastructure without the consent of a valid user in your organization - not even our cloud service.

Centralized logging

BastionZero eliminates the risk that attackers will delete server logs. Our cloud service intercepts and logs all commands before they reach the server.  Immediately satisfy your compliance and forensics requirements with high-quality logs and session recordings.

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