The story of BastionZero

BastionZero is leveraging cryptography to reimagine the tools used to manage remote access to kubernetes, server, application, and database infrastructure across cloud and on-prem environments. The company was founded by a cybersecurity professor and cybersecurity PhD who spent years working together at Boston University.

The architecture of BastionZero is inspired by innovations in threshold-based cryptography and developed by a team of cryptographers and infrastructure experts looking to simplify the lives of cloud security teams, while modernizing the security models used in the cloud security space. We are backed by top VCs along with experienced individual operators of cybersecurity and SaaS businesses.

Our Leadership

Sharon Goldberg, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

Sharon Goldberg is also a CS professor, author of 30+ peer-reviewed infosec papers & contributor to BGP, DNS, NTP & Bitcoin standards.

Ethan Heilman, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder

Ethan Heilman has been a software dev at various startups & inventor of cryptographic protocols & attacks. He holds a PhD in infosec.

Mike Milano


Mike Milano is a former SVP Engineering & Product at Cisco and iBoss. He has decades of experience building cloud security products.

Backed By

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